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“We start with a few relaxing and breathing  exercises then sing well known songs. Sometimes as two parts usually causing much  amusement and laughter. The time goes far too quickly and you forget your problems and go home with a positive spirit looking forward to next time.”  Mary Feb 2018


“Claire Fowler, works so hard with our group (Singing for Lung health),and is passionate about her work and achieving the best outcome, and I have to say, she has a wonderful voice she is a fabulous singer. She has taught us preparation for singing, (which I knew nothing about), and believe the rest of the group didn’t either.  We exercise from toes to nose, and whilst doing this, we are taught to control our breathing, and then relax. Now the Fun begins, we hum and brrrr, and shhh and arrrrr, making funny noises, and even funnier faces, and then we Sing. I have heard parts of the group sing ,as Claire splits us Into sections (I think it is called a round) and they sound really lovely. I can’t believe I am in one of these groups , never being able to sing before joining (Singing For Lung Health). What being part of Claire’s Group has done for me is, help with my breathing control, given me back my confidence, and she has taught me to Sing, (I couldn’t , on some days , hold a conversation without being breathless). I believe, that the rest of the group would agree, listening to comments made and  asking for longer time with Claire, and we all leave with a smile on our faces, and feeling better.” Chris - Jan 2018

“Every week a ray of sunshine comes to our centre her name is Claire, she brings her guitar, hand held jingle bells and shakers for everyone. We have a fun hour of voice warming exercises, action songs and good old favourites we can all join in with. It really lifts everyone's spirits, thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended. Thank you so much Claire.”

VIP Day Centre, Redditch, Jan 2018

“A lesser know symptom of Parkinson’s is the effect it has on the voice. The voice can become monotone, breathy and lacking in volume. Therefore, as a Parkinson’s support group, we started to look for someone who could offer singing therapy to help members with Parkinson’s exercise their voices, but also offer an enjoyable, social activity for carers and former carers. Claire offers the right balance of therapy and fun for us. She not only works on our voices,but introduces actions to the music which tests our powers of physical coordination. We are largely a group who would not considers themselves to be singers, but Claire is even managing to get us to harmonise!”

Secretary of the Leamington and District Branch of Parkinson’s UK

“This short e mail is to say how very much I ENJOY  our Parkinsons’s  Singing Group in Hereford.We all have a good time, and get our good exercise as well. The exercises are all geared up for Parkinson’s sufferers, but  they are so very suitable for everyone.We have a lo vely  couple of hours singing  old, new, and up to date songs, we especially enjoy all the old wartime songs, which does rather show our ages. Anyway Claire we thoroughly look forward to our sessions and thank you very much for being so thorough with us all. And it doesn’t really matter if you haven’t got much of a voice we just chortle,it is great fun.”

Val - March 2018


“I am so glad to be part of your Sing for Health class for those of us who have COPD.  I have emphysema and function on less than 50% of my normal lung capacity which means I am continually short of breath.

Using the Diaphragmatic Method of breathing which you teach us to use when singing has made my day to day physical activities much easier to cope with.

I am part of a well attended group who enjoy our “therapy” sessions with you and I hope you will continue to be part of our lives.”

Jack - March 2018

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